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Law Bulletin is a Strategic Marketing Partner with Mentis Technology Solutions, LLC.

Achieving the Paperless Court Room

Mentis' proven technology, aiSMARTBENCH™, is leading courts to a paperless environment.

Using its underlying breakthrough indexing and redaction technology, Mentis has extended the functionality to provide a true paperless environment for the court room.

Judges and clerks benefit from an increase in the efficiency of their respective operations.

Documents and case files are always available securely via a remote link, allowing work to be performed anywhere there is Internet connectivity.

Learn more about the Mentis Technology solutions aiSMARTBENCH™, aiINDEX® and aiREDACT™ by clicking here

Learn more about aiSMARTBENCH™ and how to create a ROI for the paperless courtroom:

"The Manatee Model©" described by the Honorable Lee E. Haworth, Chief Judge, 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida

At the National Center for State Courts' Court Technology Bulletin:

"The Electronic Judicial Bench" and
"Calculating an E-Court Return on Investment (ROI)"

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Automated Indexing and Redaction

Now you can mine data from your documents, achieving the research results in seconds that are now occupying large staffs and manual labor.

Using an expert software system that learns from user activity, you will be able to extract critical information from PDF's, TIF's, JPG's and other formats that will bring dramatic productivity improvements to your research tasks.

Your documents become completely full-text searchable, providing additional research capabilities beyond the typical indexing of the typical data elements of party names, case number, etc.

aiINDEX® and aiREDACT™ are easy to use and easy to configure. Need new content indexed? Now you can do this without the need for intervention from the vendor. Simply use the field definition tool to identify the parameters and you can begin capturing the new content immediately.

Utilizing smart technology, aiINDEX® has the unique capability to scour all existing documents in your repository for the same content.

aiREDACT™ is a rules-based, self-learning, expert system that masks personal information from your documents such as legal filings, public records, health care claims, mortgage documents, and contracts. aiREDACT™ learns from your experts where to look for sensitive information in your electronic documents and then redacts that information. It is well-suited for redacting large backlogs of content as well as ensuring that sensitive information is redacted on an ongoing basis.

Achieve astounding increases in data entry productivity through the use of aiINDEX® and aiREDACT™.

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